With a wide-ranging repertoire of original and old-school tunes, the new CRITTERS duo (featuring Three Times Bad bandmates Sam and Aaliyah) mines the rich history of the folk, blues, bluegrass, honkytonk, gospel, early jazz, and pre-“genre” Americana traditions.

Inspired by late 19th and early 20th century community music — when, despite Jim Crow, there was surprising integration of the songbooks and performance styles of black and white musicians at barn dances, roadhouses, and churches across the nation — CRITTERS aims to marry the way back with the way forward.

This past July, Sam and Aaliyah launched CRITTERS with a tour of Northern California ghost towns, including Bodie, Hornitos, and Bear Valley. They recorded live performances in these haunting remote locales and produced a series of music videos and short films, which will be posted here over the next few months.     

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