“ALBUM OF THE WEEK!” (Mike Morrison’s AmericanRootsUK radio show)

American Sojourn is raw, atmospheric, and superbly arranged and played, and thanks to its huge originality will almost certainly be in many best of the year lists!” (Mike Morrison FB teaser)

“A brilliantly conceived album…. There is a mastery of their instruments and arrangements that enables them to roam at will through various old-time genres that contain not only a large slice of ‘hillbilly,’ but also folk, a little western swing, blues, jazz, all played in their own inimitably unique style.” (AmericanRootsUK)

“VIDEO OF THE DAY! Three Times Bad – ‘No More No Less’” (Oregon Music News)

“This is Americana music, the kind borne of community. It’s real…. Their lyrics also carry the kind of weight you’d expect of reflective singer/songwriter music, and while they’ve got sit-by-the-fire humor, songs like No More, No Less come out, and the words make you realize that you need to go back and listen to everything a little more carefully.” (JJ Vincent, The Good Men Project)

“Breathing fresh new life into American bluegrass…. Three Times Bad bring back that nostalgic feel for a time where music held a common thread that cemented friendships and bonds were forged.” (Music Junkie Press)

“Pass the moonshine! With knee-slapping bluegrass songs about chasing the reverend’s wife, cornbread crumbs and possum stew, Three Times Bad aims to ignite an Appalachian hoedown tonight.” (The Source Weekly)

“The aim is to unsettle your assumptions about class, about gender, about sex, about religion, about identity: in short, about yourself, and what it means to be human in an inhuman world.” (James Greer, North of Onhava)

“This is boot-stompin’, beer-swillin’, muddy roots music, where outlaw bluegrass meets anti-folk meets hillbilly punk in a band of city-dwellers who want nothing more than to be pickin’ and howlin’ from a rickety front porch Appalachia.” (Ben Salmon, The Bulletin)

“This is the special custom dish in our Thanksgiving dinner. You might not know San Francisco’s Three Times Bad, but their flavor of alt-country is damned delicious. Do yourself a favor and pick up their ‘American Sojourn’ album.” (DIFFUSER.FM’s “Edible Thanksgiving Playlist,” featuring Three Times Bad’s “Bed o’ Cornbread Crumbs” alongside tunes by Jeff Buckley, the Cranberries, Cornershop, the Godfathers, Joe Jackson, XTC, and Nirvana!)

“Country-punk style and catchy as hell. ‘Bed o’ Cornbread Crumbs’ will be embedded in my head for days.” (Todd Hebert, Not About Religion)

“Story songs are a big part of [Three Times Bad’s] live show, but the adventurousness of these musicians, and their joy in each other’s company means there is a lot of spontaneity in concert.” (Serene Markstrom, the Register-Guard)

“‘A great live show is all about ecstatic hoedown.'” (Tony DuShane, San Francisco Chronicle)

“Urban hillbilly music at its finest: ear-opening, toe-tapping tales of love-making on cornbread crumbs, illicit obsession with the reverend’s wife and possum stew, and gospel hoedowns the likes of which you haven’t seen since Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening.” (Mariah Parker, SouthTahoe Now)

“Refreshing” (DeliRadio)

“This band is really on the move!” (Anderson Valley Advertiser)

“Incredible musicianship!” (Victory Swig)

“Epic moustaches and bent bluegrass…” (The Source Weekly)

“A hot new San Francisco string trio!'” (Jim Drake, Hood River News)

“We usually have quieter folk bands here, but you guys are on the edge of madness — and it’s great!” (bartender at Yosemite Bug Mountain Resort)

“You guys really have something cool. You said your music was dirty, yeah, and deep, and out there, and rich with a bunch of interesting influences.” (Benjie Howard, Bellingham folk slinger)

“You guys got some soul!” (Paige Anderson, precocious band leader of Paige Anderson & the Fearless Kin)

“Since we’re also mining the bluegrass and folk traditions, we’re going way back to learn old-time spirituals and mountain songs. It’s an ass-kicking music-history lesson to say the least.” (Good Men Project: THREE TIMES BAD MEETS THE LUMINEERS)

“He is like Old Bizarro Religious Folk. Completely classic.” (Kirsten Alene Pierce)

“Evokes the storytelling of bluegrass and the complex relationships of dirty American roots.” (Tahoe Daily Tribune)

“THIS WEEK’S PICKS: Three Times Bad regenerates the mood [of Zombie Love] with alternative bluegrass wailings.” (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

“I’ve seen Jimi Hendrix live and you guys KICKED ASS!” (overheard @ Milk Bar)

“Hearing your music and watching you guys having so much fun on stage made me want to LIVE!” (overheard @ the Horned Hand)

“I totally thought you guys were gonna be a shitty garage band. But you’re awesome!” (overheard @ Rellik Tavern)

“TOP PICK!” (Tahoe Mountain News)

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